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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Hello there! Welcome, and thank you for following along! I thought this might be a good opportunity to share some very random information about the person behind Rowe Interiors.



  • I have a British passport, and in 2010, my now husband Graham and I ventured across the pond to live in London for a few years. It was one of the best life experiences I’ve ever had. We got to travel to so many amazing places across Europe, met some amazing people, and dug deep into every culture we experienced.

  • Because of living in London, I’ve also been to The Royal Ascot, Wimbledon and The British Open.

  • Before I started my career in interior decorating, I worked in advertising as an Account Director on brands such as Apple, Nissan, WINNERS/Homesense, Peugeot UK and Air Canada. One of my biggest career highlights was shooting a commercial for Apple at Universal Studios in L.A. We were filming right next to some amazing TV shows and movies. Television productions were always my favourite part about advertising because I loved seeing a creative idea come to life. I feel like there were so many things I learned in the advertising industry, which have helped me in my interior decorating career.

  • I love doing the weekly word search every Saturday morning in the Toronto Star. It has become a weekend tradition for me while I sip my coffee!

  • I used to be painfully shy and had a hard time meeting new people. Now I thrive on meeting new people, joining in conversations and making new connections. Everyone has a story to tell, and it’s great to connect with people of all different backgrounds and experiences. I still love spending time by myself though – it gives me time to recharge.

  • I’m afraid of heights but have been to the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world. I wanted to fully experience this world wonder and didn’t let my fear get the best of me.

  • My favourite food is probably pizza; or cheese and fresh bread! And I also love baked goods and sweets!

  • After a couple glasses of wine, I am convinced I can speak French fluently!

  • I love the smell of paint, which makes décor a great career choice for me; I’m frequently around spaces with fresh paint.

Want to chat décor and design? Contact me today!

xo, Christine

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