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6 Amazing Accent Walls

I love a good accent wall! I think they’re such great focal points in a room, so I wanted to share 6 amazing accent walls and what I love about them.


Accent walls can be wonderful features in a home. They help create a focal point in a room, but can also give you the opportunity to do something fun and interesting.

Here are some amazing accent walls and what I love about them:

1. Powder Room Tiling

A great place to add some style is in a powder room. The black tiling on this powder room wall is so stunning and really gives it a luxurious and avant-garde look. The ‘sink’ blends in perfectly and is accented by the gold faucets and fixtures. I like that the adjacent walls in the powder room were painted a cream colour – this helps the accent wall stand out, while not making the space too dark.

2. Painted Wall Accent

The simplest way to create an accent wall is by painting it a colour, which contrasts the rest of the space.

Studio McGee painted the back wall in Deep Royal by Benjamin Moore (2061-10) that contrasts the stark white trim and adjacent walls.

Keeping the accent simple in this office also brings focus to the wall, and the centre of the office.

The light oak flooring is also a great contrast with dark blues and the whole space is pulled together so nicely.

3. Family Room Gallery Wall

Another fairly easy way to create a quick accent wall in your home is by installing a gallery wall. This is one of my favourite accent wall treatments as it allows you to display a variety of pieces of art and photography and really gives a sense of the personality of the homeowner.

I assembled this gallery wall last summer with pieces that the homeowner had purchased from Homesense Canada. It is such a great mix of items and textures that are light-hearted and fun, and is the perfect expression of the homeowner’s distinct sense of style.

4. Bedroom Wallpaper

This ultra sleek and modern bedroom is accented with a focal wall behind the bed. The wallpaper and wainscoting are the perfect mix to create that amazing one-of-a-kind and glamorous feel in the room. Although I’m not a huge fan of modernism in my décor, I feel like this wallpaper can have so many uses throughout different rooms in the house. It would work great in a powder room, teen bedroom and even a living room!

5. Nursery Wall Decals

Baby nurseries and children’s rooms are a great space to install an accent wall because they can be light-hearted and fun.

The use of dotted wall decals in this sweet nursery adds some depth and interest in this otherwise serene space.

The elephant and rabbit wall ornaments add texture to the wall and work perfectly with the grey canopy above the crib.

6. Entryway Wainscoting

I am always so inspired by Michelle Berwick’s designs, and she has done an amazing front hall entryway that I just can’t get out of my mind! I am waiting for the right client to do a similar treatment for (if I don’t do it in my own home first).

Not only did she use diagonal wainscoting treatments so perfectly, she accented it with a dark, dramatic paint colour. The results are fabulous!

Who wouldn’t want to walk into this entry day after day?!

Want to install an amazing accent wall in your home? Let’s start planning it today!

xo, Christine

*Photo credits and links to the sources are included on images.

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