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My Spring Cleaning Checklist

This past weekend Graham and I started our spring cleaning, so I thought I’d share my checklist with you to help you get started!


I am a true minimalist – I like to keep our house knick-knack free and often joke that we live in a staged home!

I also find it easy to keep our home this way, because with our dog, we can’t keep much out on counters.

Here are all of our to-dos when spring rolls around:

  • Wash baseboards – I grab a few Mr. Clean erasers and scrub them all down

  • Sweep out garage – Last year we painted our garage floor, which helps with preventing dust build-up, but we do need to sweep it out and maybe power wash to remove the sand build-up from the winter

  • Power wash the deck – To get rid of the dirt build-up from the winter, and dirty dog paw marks

  • Paint touch ups to walls, baseboards and trim – I have a small cans of paint for all of the paint colours in our house so that I can do touch ups every spring

  • Clean windows – We clean them inside and out, as well as the garage door windows; and since I remove the window screens during the winter months, I wash them and put them back up so we can enjoy fresh air and open our windows

  • Backyard clean up – Pick up branches and prep grass for seeding

  • Clean rugs in high traffic areas – For us this means the rug in our living room and the stair runner. Because of the dog, our carpeting is a real mess and I think we’ll end up replacing our living room rug after the spring.

  • Seal marble and granite countertops – This is often required once a year depending on your countertop material

  • Power wash outdoor furniture – I pull out the furniture and give it a good clean so it’s ready for the warmer days

  • Change batteries in smoke detectors – This is a must do as the seasons change

I hope this helps you get started on your own spring cleaning checklist or projects to get your home ready for the summer.

xo, Christine

*All photos shown are my own.

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