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Kitchen Decorating for the Holidays

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, I like to take the minimal approach. I absolutely love Christmas and have already pulled out all of our decorations this year, but just like my home décor style, I like to keep things clean and simple.

This year I had the pleasure of decorating a kitchen at one of the homes on the Junior League of Hamilton & Burlington’s Holiday House Tour. It was a magical weekend filled with amazing holiday décor, and I just loved chatting with people as they came through the kitchen at the North Shore home. I had so many questions about the décor, I wanted to share some tips to help you achieve the same look in your home this year.

Each décor element I included in my design is also completely achievable at any budget.


Here are my tips for decorating your kitchen for the holidays:

1. Add fresh greenery

I always add fresh greenery throughout our house for the holidays. I just love the fresh scent of pine and eucalyptus, and if you take good care of it, it will last indoors for weeks!

To maintain that freshness, place the greenery outdoors on a wet or snowy day so it can absorb water and stay green for longer.

And if you’re fortunate to have a yard with trees such a pine, spruce or cedar, you can do a little foraging and clip your own greenery.

2. Display the holiday baking

I'll admit, I'm not one for Christmas baking, but I'll be a taste-tester anytime!

It's hard to resist the sweet temptations over the holidays, and so many people spend countless hours preparing baked goodies every year.

If you’re a baker, or you’ve been gifted some sweet treats, show them off in a cookie jar or cake platter. They’re so beautiful and festive and taste amazing!

3. Add warmth with faux furs

A super easy way to warm up your space during the winter months is with faux fur.

I used these little guys (they're actually rugs!), on top of bar stools to add that instant warmth and cozyness to the kitchen, while keeping it chic! This decor can be kept out all winter long and will just require a bit of 'fluffing up' the more they get used.

4. Festive fruits!

A simple decorating hack in the kitchen involves a quick trip to the grocery store!

I love decorating with fresh pomegranates and clementine’s for the holidays - they add to the freshness of the season and create just the right pop of colour in the kitchen. You can place them in a wooden bowl to add texture and warmth to your space.

5. Don't forget those shelves

If you have free shelf space or glass cabinetry in your kitchen, why not add some holiday décor here as well?

A couple of ornaments or smaller decorations work well for shelf styling, and you may want to remove some items you won’t be using over the holidays so it doesn’t look too cluttered.

For more visual interest, I also like to use stacks of cookbooks to add different heights throughout.

I hope these tips help you to decorate and style your kitchen for the holidays!

Happy decorating!

xo, Christine

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