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De-Clutter Your Space Today!

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

I have been completely inspired by the new Marie Kondo Netflix series to write a blog post about strategies to make your home feel less cluttered, and hopefully provide you with a fresh start for 2019!


Did you binge-watch the new Marie Kondo series on Netflix like me?! Most likely you didn’t and I’m the only organization and neat freak here! But even still, I did learn a lot from watching the series – and Marie is literally the sweetest woman!

Although I watched the series with delight, I have to be honest; I come by this method of organization naturally (minus the little square folding trick!). Our home is always really tidy and things are always in their place. I find it easier to live in a de-cluttered, minimal space and have learned to really pare down items over the years.

To paraphrase Marie Kondo, if it doesn’t bring you joy, thank it, then get rid of it!

Here are a few ways to help you de-clutter four ‘problem areas’ in your home.


· Make your bed every day! I know this is a hard one for a lot of people, but trust me, you’ll be happy when you can climb into a made bed at night.

· Clean out bedside tables, and don’t clutter the top of them. The nightstand is the bedroom junk drawer! Cleaning it out is a task that can be done super quickly, and removing knick-knacks from the nightstand makes the room feel brighter and larger.

· When clothes come out of the laundry, put them away right away, don’t let them pile up on your floor or dressers. I’m definitely guilty of living out of the laundry basket on occasion, but my bedroom feels so much more peaceful when all clothes are put away. Even as a teenager, I NEVER left my clothes on the floor!


· Keep counter items to a minimum. Only keep out the appliances you use on a daily basis - maybe a toaster, knife block and coffee machine. When you’re ready to prepare food, you’ll be so happy with all the space you have! Since the kitchen is often the hub of a family home, it can become the most cluttered area. By making sure everything goes back to it’s ‘place’ after use in the kitchen, will alleviate the inevitable pile up that happens so frequently! Have an organized spot for everything in cupboards or drawers and put things away after use.

· Kitchen islands can be a catchall for everything from mail, to books, to tech items and knick-knacks! The kitchen is full of miscellaneous items, so making sure everything has a spot is key to keeping it clutter-free. Keep the kitchen island free of clutter so you have space to prepare meals, or pull up a stool for a conversation or meal.

Front Hall

· When you walk into your home, do you have a dedicated space to keep keys, sunglasses, wallet, etc.? An entry table with drawers is a great place to keep everything you need when you’re not on the go. All these items should be kept together, and are accessible without adding clutter to the top of a hall table.

· When you come in the door, shoes and coats should also be stored right away. If you have space, a shoe rack on the closet floor works great for organizing the shoes you wear on a daily basis. If you have a dog and keep their leash in the front hall closet, install a 3M Command hook so the leash has a place when the dog’s not being walked.

· You may also want to keep only seasonal jackets and coats in the hall closet so it doesn’t get too full – and so guests have somewhere to hang their jacket when they come visit. I keep my out of season jackets in a guest room closet when not in use.


· Speaking of closets’, the most important one to keep tidy is your bedroom closet. If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in, you’re already ahead of the game!

· When we moved into our current home, the previous owners had removed the walk-in closet and replaced it with an en-suite bathroom, which I am so grateful for. This meant that the closet we use on a daily basis is super small and tight. But this helps us both stay organized with our clothing. Every couple of months I go through my closet and donate items that I haven’t worn in a while, or that have lost their ‘lustre’. I also keep my wardrobe to seasonal items, so right now it’s full of my jeans, sweaters, and long sleeved shirts for the winter. In the spring, I change it over to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. This is a huge space saver for an area I use daily.

· Regardless of the size of your closet, it’s an area that’s prone to clutter. A good tip is to take everything out of the closet and go through each item, deciding if you still really love it, or would be happy to donate it. This is a great start for de-cluttering. Next step, do the same with your dresser! If the item doesn’t bring you joy, thank it, then get rid of it!

I hope these quick tips help you tackle the clutter and help you make a fresh start in 2019!

Need help re-organizing your space? Contact me today!

xo, Christine

*All photos shown are my own.

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