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Easy Holiday Decorating

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Well it's that time of year again - when you have to schlep out the boxes of Christmas decorations you've accumulated over the years.

The holidays can be stressful enough, and finding the time to decorate your home in time for Saint Nick's appearance, can be difficult.

Here are 5 quick tips, to help make decorating easy, year after year:

1. Create a colour scheme

Find a group of colours that you love, and build your Christmas decor around this colour scheme. It could be minimal black, white and silver, or traditional white, red and green. Once you have picked the colour scheme, use the items you already have, or buy a few new decorations to add to your collection.

In this guest room, I wanted to create a whimsical feel so I used non-traditional colours such as pink and black. It's fun and playful and would also work well for a girl's room or living room.

Whimsical Pink Christmas

Window garland

2. Keep it simple

Fight the urge to put out all the decorations you own! Going overboard with your Christmas decorating can often lead to a space feeling cluttered and crammed, which in turn is actually un-inviting. By keep your decor streamlined and simple, you're giving yourself the room to breathe. This is especially important during the holiday season when life can get a bit more hectic than usual. You want to come home to a space that's tastefully decorated and relaxing, and invites you to enjoy the Christmas season.

You may also want to put away other accessories like candles, vases, picture frames, etc., to make room for the decorations you love.

Don't feel you need to put out ALL of your decorations. Display the decorations you love, that have special meaning, or that fit within your chosen colour scheme.

A few touches of Christmas here and there is really all you need!

3. Use fresh florals

To add that traditional Christmas aroma, I like to use fresh florals and greenery. And they are literally one of the easiest ways to decorate during the holidays. Your local greenhouse, garden centre and some big box stores start to carry fresh cedar, magnolia, boxwood, and pine starting at the end of November. If you're feeling adventurous, you can also forage the woods near your home to gather greenery.

Using a mixed bunch of greenery, add them to vases throughout your home. Make sure to keep the water fresh, and they will last throughout the whole season.

I also like to use fresh pre-made garlands in my home, but the only downside to this is that you have to spray them with water almost daily to keep them fresh.

This was a very thin mantle, so I used fresh cedar clippings and a few pieces of magnolia to make an interesting focal point above the fireplace. By layering each piece one on top of one another, it stays put on it's own.

Fireplace garland

Also, something SUPER easy, is to add fresh clippings on bookcases, tabletops or any flat surfaces in your home.

Holiday greenery

4. Display your ornaments in more ways than one

Christmas ornaments can be displayed in more ways than just being hung from the tree. Use a glass vase, basket, bowl (whatever you have!), and fill it up with ornaments that match your selected colour scheme. You can also add a string of battery-operated lights into the vessel to make the ornaments twinkle.

Or try something different, and use pine cones instead of ornaments for a more natural look.

Easy holiday decor

Easy holiday decor

5. Decorate with family or friends!

Decorating with the whole family can make it fun and enjoyable. Set aside some time on the weekend and get everyone involved - the kids will love decorating the tree, while you're working on setting out the rest of the decorations. You can even set the holiday mood by playing your favourite Christmas music or movies - and add in some hot chocolate and gingerbread for good measure!

It can be equally as fun if you invite some friends over for cocktails and decorating. Make it an event with appy's and drinks, and I am sure lots of laughs and great times will be had!

Isn't spending time with family and friends, what the holidays are all about?!

With these 5 easy tips, I hope it makes the decorating season more enjoyable!

xo, Christine

*All photos shown are my own.

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