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What I Include In Every Living Room I Work On

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

When it comes to decorating living rooms, I always want them to feel personal and inviting – somewhere you’ll want to spend loads of time!

There are a few must-have items that I include in every living room I work on, and they’re simple to incorporate into your own living rooms if you’re looking for a quick update.



Candles help create a relaxing environment, while also providing an amazing aroma. And they come in all shapes and sizes! I tend to go with the notion of ‘the bigger the better’. All too often, people select items for their home that are too small for the space. Go big or go home! I realize this might be silly when it comes to talking about candles, but living rooms are typically the largest space in a home, and you want a candle that will provide an aroma for the whole space. Candles work great to add a layer to your coffee table styling, either on top of a stack of books, or in a tray on the table. That extra level of texture just adds some depth and interest.

Some of my favourite candles are from Chapter’s and Bath & Body Works and I often change them with the season’s as well since there are so many great scents to choose from!

Another great way to warm up a space is with pillows and throws. You can use a mix of different textures and colours that match the décor in your space and add a few toss cushions to your couch. This adds a layer of interest to the space, while also tying into the current décor. A textured throw or blanket is also a great way to add warmth and is part of the layering process when I decorate a room.

Pro tip: for seasonal pillows, just use one pillow insert and purchase the pillow covers. You can store the seasonal covers that aren’t in use inside the current one. This is a space saver, and you’ll always be able to find the additional covers when you’re ready to switch them over with the seasons.

When it comes to decorating with books, I love to use coffee table books. Coffee table books are typically much larger than a regular book, and can also function as artwork in a space. I love to stack a few on top of each other (usually 3 or 4 books) and display a candle or fresh florals on top. This creates a sweet little vignette on the coffee table or bookcase in your living room. When using regular books, I like to stack them side-by-side on a bookcase or shelf in the living room, and I often use book ends that complement the rest of the décor in the room. While I personally don’t keep many books I read (I pass them on to friends and family to enjoy), there are a few favourite’s which I love to display on my bookcase.

Shelfie bookcase styling

An important piece to add to any space, not just living rooms, is a plant, fresh florals or greenery. This literally adds ‘life’ to a space, and there are many great benefits to having houseplants. Some of these include breathing easier, purifying air, sharpening focus and improving overall health. I’m not a great plant-parent, so I love incorporating fresh flowers and greenery stems in our home. This is especially important to me in the winter when there is no greenery to look at outdoors. Fresh flowers make me feel happier, more energized, make my home feel ‘alive’ and give off a beautiful, subtle aroma.

The final, but actually most important items I always include are personal items. This can be decorative pieces you’ve picked up on holidays, have been gifted or have inherited from family members. They can also be beautiful photos of your family, friends and pets. Some of my favourite pieces in our living room are art we’ve picked up while travelling.

If you’re looking to refresh your living space, use the above tips to help incorporate some great décor, you’ll be happy you did!

But if you need some help with styling your space, contact me today!

xo, Christine

*All photos shown are my own.

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